Tea & Philosophy from Today Was Fun

It is still only three days into the bright and shiny New Year, so we are still full of enthusiasm for our new resolutions to live better and healthier. Without wishing to sound defeatist, but speaking from past experience, these resolutions do tend to fade as the weeks march on, so we welcome all manner of lotions and potions to sustain us in our efforts. Tea & Philosophy provide just the thing with their range of organic herbal teas. These infusions are concocted to cater for any tea drinking occasion with names such as Happiness, Friendship, Inspiration, Sleepy and Expectancy. The Sleepy Tea, made from organic Lemon Balm, Lime Flower and Lavender won Best New Organic Food 2005 at the British Organic Industry Awards. As we all know it's much easier to tackle life's dilemmas with a cup of tea in front of us and Today Was Fun (the company behind Tea & Philosophy) embraces this tradition. As they say: "For centuries people have known that wisdom and advice, love and support, news and gossip, all go better with a cup of tea. Tea and philosophy go together so naturally it was obvious we should combine the two. " As well as the teas, we love the philosophy which went into creating them. Today Was Fun's mission statement says: "If we can't, at the end of each working day, say Today was Fun, we're in the wrong business. To ensure we can say it, we pour our hearts into everything we do and we: Play well with others, Respect everyone, Eat well, Listen and Learn, Dream, Wear comfortable shoes, Laugh whenever possible". We think these are some fantastic resolutions to sustain our enthusiasm throughout 2006. Happy New Year!

We found these beautifully packaged teas on the shelves of the Relax store. You can find other stockists across the UK and Europe at Today Was Fun.
[Leonora & Petz]