Target Commits to 100% "Sustainable & Traceable" Seafood by 2015 (Infographic)

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Image credit: A Bullseye View

With the debt crisis and energy constraints putting a serious question mark over the very notion of economic growth, it will be interesting to see how well big box retailers and globalized supply chains weather the coming decades. But if Wal-Mart's major investment in solar and IKEA's big push for renewables and energy stability are anything to go by, it looks like corporate board rooms are beginning to realize that the constraints of the natural world are a very real, if very inconvenient, barrier to business-as-usual. But it's not just about energy. As Target announces a huge step toward more sustainable seafood, it looks like other natural resources are making it onto the corporate radar too.From upcycled billboards through organic clothing to selling "used" electronics, Target Stores have made some important gestures toward sustainability in the past. But it is fair to say that their efforts have not received as much attention as those of their big, blue competitor.

That may be the reason why Target is so excited to announce a commitment to 100% traceable and sustainable seafood by 2015, in partnership with FishWise.

The details of the program are set out in the infographic below. (Visit A Bullseye View for a larger version.)

As noted in my post on whether sustainable products really will be the norm by 2020, it's important for companies not just to respond to consumer demand for more sustainable options—but to create it. But as one commenter noted in that very same post, we need to spend some time thinking about what sustainable really means.

It's great to see Target committing to fish from more sustainable fisheries. The next challenge will be for them to figure out how those fish will be harvested, and how they'll make it from sea to store to end customer, once oil prices start rising once again...

target sustainable seafood infographic image

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