Tampontification: Seventh Generation Go 'Beyond the Flow'


'Let's not beat around the bush here. People still pussyfoot around the "forbidden" subject of menstruation. Tampons and pads just don't tend to surface in conversation at cocktail parties or tailgates or even at PTA meetings as often as we hope they might. That can make it really tough to get people talking about choosing safer alternatives to conventional feminine care products. We'd like to change that, so we've opted to go beyond the flow '

This is how those sassy folks over at Seventh Generation introduce their new site, Tampontification. And 'go beyond the flow' they certainly have, encouraging readers to donate feminine care products to homeless shelters, launching a blog by 'the mission fairies', who will be touring the West Coast in their Tampon mobile (a newly decorated Prius) and talking about all things menstrual and environmental, and they've even included a forum for readers to submit their own 'tampontifications'. Of course, there is a marketing element to all this, as Seventh Generation sell chlorine-free tampons, pads and pantiliners.

We are glad to see Seventh Generation putting their marketing dollars into a genuinely worthy cause, and opening a few minds in the process. For those wanting to delve deeper into this issue, and other natural alternatives for feminine hygiene, check out our guide to 'How to Green Women's Personal Care', or our posts on The Keeper, Luna Pads or The Mooncup.

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