Take Back the Filter Campaign Succeeds: Brita Will Recycle


This just in from the Take Back the Filter campaign:

Brita is going to announce a recycling program for its water filter cartridges on Tuesday.

The brand manager from Brita contacted the Take Back The Filter campaign yesterday and gave us the word.

We can't reveal the details until Monday night. But I can say that their plan includes almost all of the things we asked for on our petition and during the campaign.

Brita has provoked strong reactions with ad campaigns that bash tap water quality and even comments like "so drinking bottled water is like giving my car a blow job?" with their campaign to get people off of bottled water and into filtering (the image which prompted the comment can be seen over the fold).


Neverthelss, no one disagrees that moving towards filtered water is a better solution than bottles for meeting the epicurean demands of the modern consumer. Once-a-month disposal of a filter cartridge beats hundreds of plastic bottles consuming petroleum resources and, for the most part, collecting agelessly in landfills after their brief useful life.

But the question of filter recycling remained a thorn in the side of people for whom only a truly sustainable solution can make a perfect cup of tea. The Take Bake the Filter Campaign has collected Brita filters in anticipation of winning this battle. The group will deliver their collection publicly in January to celebrate their success.

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