Tableware for the Slow Food Movement: Plate Tells You When You Are Eating Too Fast


The Mandometer was originally developed to treat eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia nervosa; it was developed to "teach patients how to eat and recognize hunger and satiety." There are clinics using the technology in Sweden, the USA and Australia.

Then a team at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children asked to try it out as an obesity treatment, to to teach fat children how to eat, much the same thing in reverse. A twelve month study demonstrated that it worked.


The Mandometer inventors claim that it is the way that we eat that is the problem.

The Mandometer® method is revolutionary because it ignores the standard approaches for treatment of eating disorders and obesity, focusing instead on eating behavior rather than on psychological issues in the case of eating disorders, or which specific foods are to be eaten in the case of obesity.

The Bristol Hospital researchers found that the careful measuring out of food portions and the reduction in eating speed not only resulted in weight loss, but that the change in behaviour held steady for six months after treatment, " a remarkable outcome in the treatment of obesity, where patients typically regain any weight that is lost." More at, found on BoingBoing

None of this would be news to Michael Pollan fans; he has been talking about the way we eat, as well as what we eat, for years. Food Rule 55:

Eat Meals:

This recommendation sounds almost as ridiculous as "eat food" but nowadays it no longer goes without saying. We are snacking more and eating fewer meals practice people eating this way often end up eating more, and eating more processed snack foods."

Kelly at Planet Green makes the point as well, when she suggested that we Read Michael Pollan's Book In Defense of Food This Weekend
(which she liked a lot more than Food Rules):

We now eat as though we were "fueling up," rather than for all the reasons that people have traditionally eaten, for community, family, ritual and simple pleasure.

Really, the way we eat has almost as much to do with our food issues as what we eat. It should be no surprise that the Mandometer works.

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