Swedish Climate Carrots Delayed, But Consumers Eager

Climate carrots photo

Norwegian carrots - they might not meet KRAV's climate criteria! By color line @ flickr

Sweden's organic food organization KRAV and local-food certifier Svenskt Sigill were supposed to release the first round of climate-certified basic foodstuffs this fall. The organization of Swedish consumers has slowed up the process complaining that a new climate label would confuse and bewilder Swedish consumers, while the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency said opposes a new label for each new environmental problem. The Swedish National Board of Trade said the labeling was anti-trade as only Swedish products - fruit, veggies, grains, fish and shellfish - were to be labeled.

Consumers strongly in favor of climate labeling
Some critics wanted a detailed label that totaled the amount (in grams) of greenhouse gas that production of each foodstuff entailed. So say, local carrots, would have a much lower greenhouse gas number than carrots trucked in from Italy. But KRAV said that type of labeling (a lá Tesco) would require 7 to 10 years of research. Instead KRAV planned to certify goods that met criteria including a maximum amount of CO2 for production and transport. That label may now be delayed as the organization runs its suggestions through another round of commenting. An early July survey by Svenskt Sigill's sister organization found 8 out of 10 consumers wanted climate labels, while half were ready to pay a premium for certified "climate friendly" foods. Via ::Miljöaktuellt (Swedish)

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