Sustainable Table's Eat Well Guided Tour

Sustainable Table

Well that's one way to get to Farm Aid 2007: Sustainable Table is taking the scenic route in a biofueled bus across the country to Randall's Island, New York City in search of the best pie in America, and making stops at some of the nation's most sustainable farms and restaurants in over 25 states.

Now over two weeks into their 38-day journey across the good ol' US of A, the passengers on the cross-country "Eat Well Guided Tour of America" have broken bread with a family that has been crafting cheese by hand since the 1930s, partaken in the bounties of local farmers' markets that take as much care in growing community as they do tasty cuisine, and seen Oakland's City Slicker Farms, which offers produce based upon the size of your wallet."When we began our bus trip, we knew that Americans were tiring of seeing food as little more than something to gobble down while driving," says Diane Hatz, who is leading the tour.

"So far, we've seen that local, sustainable family farms are not only alive and well," she adds, "but that a younger generation of American farmers are committed to sustainable ideals and I believe it's just a matter of time before the farming system will be changed."

You can hop on board by visiting the tour's Web site. ::Sustainable Table