Sustainable Cheese by Meadow Creek Dairy

wheels.jpgMeadow Creek Dairy makes cheese using highly sustainble methods, and they ship it across the country from their farm in Virginia. It's obvious that great attention to detail is paid to managing the land and cattle for health rather than high production. They use no herbicides or pesticides on their land. Their only crop is grass. The cattle get fresh grass every day, and are not allowed on a pasture already grazed. The result is excellent nutrition for the dairy herd while improving the health and fertility of the land. The milking season begins in late March when all calves are born coinciding with the grass growth. The cattle are never confined, but instead are born and raised on pasture. In the fall, when the grass growth wanes, the cows begin to wind down their milk production. Christmas Eve is the last day of the milking season and the beginning of a two month rest for the cows. :: Meadow Creek Dairy

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