Student-Organized Farmers Markets in Schools (Video)

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Image credit: Soil Association

From Sacramento High School students creating their own CSA to an after-school program based on an urban farm, we've seen plenty of ways that the local food movement is integrating with educational opportunities for school-aged children. But this might be the first time we've seen a full farmers market in a school. organized by the school students themselves. Nevertheless, it may well be the first of many.

Currently a pilot program run by UK-based organic farming charity the Soil Association, the initiative to create school-based farmers markets is currently working with the Mid Wales Food and Land Trust. But, all being well, this project is intended to be built upon to create a whole new way of enjoying local food. And it makes total sense.

From the natural sense of community that builds around a school, to the physical infrastructure, to the educational opportunities of allowing kids to organize and run their own farmers markets and learn about local foods, there are plenty of healthy synergies going on here. Add to that the income that can be used by schools to fund sustainability programs, and the new markets this provides for local growers, and it's hard to see how anyone could fault a program like this. Unless, of course, you make your money flying in pesticide-laden produce from around the world. But even then, who can argue with kids as cute as these?

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