Strawberry Earth Puts Your Party Money to Work to Produce an Eco-Bar

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Inspired by TreeHugger (they say), the folks behind the new online magazine company Strawberry Earth are going to put your dollars (or in this case euros) from a night of partying to work eco-pimping a local bar.

Strawberry Earth founders Mette te Velde and Ikenna Azuike challenged a few of their favorite local bar owners in the city of Amsterdam to see how much they would give of one night's revenue toward efficiency and environmental improvements on their premises. And the winner is? Read on.

Bar Waldorf Amsterdam photo
Bar Waldorf in Amsterdam agreed that 60% of its revenues on the night of December 7 will go toward eco-improvements. And they won! The evening will include a DJ and a 'special event' to introduce the Strawberry Earth concept for putting consumer purchasing power to work.

While the idea of companies donating a portion of proceeds to the environment is not new (1% for the Planet- now over 1,000 companies - is a great group of businesses giving money regularly to favorite causes) Strawberry Earth's idea is an innovative twist to help local money go directly to local eco-upgrades that otherwise might not get made.

After the December 7 party, 60% of the evenings earnings will go toward enlisting the services of Amsterdam's environmental consultants SearchBV. Bar Waldorf, in addition to getting a starter kit of greener cleaning supplies from Ecover, will receive advice on energy usage and retrofits to make the bar run more efficiently.

So if you are in Amsterdam on the night of the 7th, well you know where you are going to party. Via: StrawberryEarth

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