Stop Kissing To Stop The Swine Flu

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Over here on TreeHugger, we've been following the spread of the swine flu virus and have even given readers a complete guide - What You Need To Know About Swine Flu.

Tips like washing your hands, recognizing symptoms and anti-social behavior are among our top tips, but now with a new case reported in Israel yesterday, Middle East health officials are getting quite creative with their advice.

The Health Minister of Lebanon suggests that people stop kissing. Like in France, and Switzerland, Lebanese kiss each other on the cheeks three times as a way to greet their friends and loved ones. But the Lebanese Health Minister Mohammad Khalifeh, as reported in Reuters said, “If you visit someone, don’t exchange kisses… Let’s stop the social kissing habit." Cutting down on kissing, he believes could reduce the impact of the virus should it spread to Lebanon via Israel, with which it shares a border.

Israelis love kissing each other. With one peck, two, sometimes even three, with a small hug thrown in for free, stopping the "friendly" kiss might be a simple, cheap and green way to stop the spread of swine flu in Israel, but I doubt that most Israelis would cooperate. Personally speaking, I don't like kissing, but cooperate with the custom by kissing near the cheek in the air.

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