Stark Sisters Granola — Delicious and Healthy

Just like everyone else, we have our New Year’s resolutions and (almost) at the top of that list is to eat healthier. We started with switching our 11am snack to Stark Sisters Granola, a healthy snack with unbelievable flavor. Debra Stark, owner and chef, uncovered a secret family recipe that came from her grandfather. He sowed his own oats and tapped trees to make his own maple syrup and years later Debra has recreated this delicious treat. All of the grains that are used are organically grown, toasted until crunchy, are sweetened with Vermont maple syrup and come in three irresistible choices: maple almond, maple raspberry blueberry and nutty maple. Debra has her own store in Concord, Massachusetts (Debra’s Natural Gourmet) where she sells her granola but you can pick it up in Whole Foods as well. This is one New Year’s resolution that we can definitely sticking with. ::Stark Sisters Granola