Starbucks Awarded for Recycled Content Cup

Coming swiftly on the heels of the Starbucks Challenge arrives news that the java joint will received the Eighth Annual "Recycling Works" Recognition Award from the US National Recycling Coalition (NRC). Strangely, this announcement comes a full 3 months before the gala black-tie event, where they'll officially be bestowed with the award. And all because their cups will have a 10% recycled content. This alone sounds very underwhelming. But digging deeper it would appear that such a feat has taken eight years to achieve, working with their three suppliers. And in particular, it seems there was a long slog in getting the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sign off on post-consumer recycled paper, that is going to be used for a food container. Find it incredulous that it all took so long. But now that it's approved, Starbucks figure they will "lower the company's dependence on tree fiber annually by more than five million pounds. [2.25M kg]." While we are talking stats, Starbucks also note that 655,00 lbs of paper waste was saved last year, by offering customers a ten cent discount when they used their own mug. ::National Recycling Coalition via GreenBiz