Stand By Your Ham: Dispatches From The End of Cheap Food

There have been plenty of unfortunate consequences predicted as a result of rising food prices, from the rising cost of pasta to the extinction of gummy bears. We're not sure anyone predicted this particular threat though — singing pig farmers. Pig farmers in the UK, who are protesting in London today, have released "Stand By Your Ham" as a response to the increased cost of feed that, they say, may put many of them out of business. There is no doubt that as oil, water and land get ever scarser, as climate change continues to disrupt weather systems, and as population and consumption patterns continue to rise, we are going to see some incredible pressures on our food and farming systems. Of course, some of the vegetarians among us probably won't have much sympathy for the plight of the farmers, although they may see this as a welcome indication of why eating less meat means less pressure on our limited resources. ::Stand By Your Ham::via BBC::

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