Sonnentor Organic Condiments

A German friend of mine has a lovely way with words, and calls things organic by the phase ‘happy’, as is happy eggs, for the organic free-range variety. I wonder if I discovered the source of her idiom in the brand of some organic tea she gave me. Sonnentor GMBH is an Austrian company that produce not only tea, but spices, soups, jams, honey, oils, and such like. Their corporate logo is a happy, laughing, sunny face. But they take their agriculture seriously. And indeed personally, with one woman farmer doing her planting by hand, and harversting with a sickle. Sonnentor’s graphically rich website has quaint pictures and bios of the farmers, who supply the raw ingredients, many who appear to have been cultivating organically for about 15 years. Their finished goods appear to be on offer across Europe. ::Sonnentor