Something About Mäya - Larabar Goes Organic Choc


When we last looked in on Larabar we were impressed with all those natural ingredients squished into a nourishing sports bar, that hadn't been cooked. At the time, we wondered if there might also be scope to increase the greenness of the bar. Lo and behold, along comes their Mäya bar. Try this on for size: All organic ingredients, Fair Traded cocoa, no added sugar, 90% raw, no GMOs, gluten/dairy/soy free, no colouring or preservatives, but is vegan and kosher. And, we assume, the same great taste for which Larabar is famous. "The 10% of Mäya that is not raw includes roasted cocoa and organic flavors such as peppermint, orange and vanilla." Four favours, all of which are suffused with that fair traded organic chocolate — choc, choc mint, choc coffee and choc orange (seen here.) The Chocolate Orange ingredients? All organic dates, almonds, cocoa, cacao nibs and orange flavour. That's it. Nuffing more. Seems pretty green. Bravo. (Of course someone is going say, "Yeh, but wot about the wrapper?" Let's not forget the longest journey begins with a single step. And see also our post on Green and Blacks Mayan Gold Chocolate, and the positive influence that fair traded organics can have. Wrapper or not.) ::Larabar (flash alert).