(Some) People Have Spoken, and They Want an Organic Garden on Obama's Lawn

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Photo comes by way of EattheView.

Democracy can be a tricky thing. Take the results of recent voting at Change.org and OnDay1.org. These two social network sites let users express concerns to bring to the Obama Administration and then vote on their own Top Ten. The results are wacky and weird and in their way, wonderful. Change.org's top pick as of yesterday with over 19,000 (of a total of 600,000) votes is legalizing the medical and recreational use of marijuana. Over at OnDay1, the top voted idea (3,994 votes) is Roger Doiron's plan to turn the White House lawn into an organic Victory Garden. Now, before you sharpen those commenting quills, it has been charged that social networks have some liberal bias. Taking that into account, it is still worth noting Obama could make many people happy with two fairly simple actions. Video of Doiron's own front lawn victory garden after the jump.
This Lawn is Your Lawn from roger doiron on Vimeo.

Eleanor did the victory garden, so can Barack and Michelle
The resurgence of the White House victory garden idea has seeds as far back as the early 1800s when John Adams had a portion of the grounds planted in veggies. Later, Eleanor Roosevelt encouraged many Americans to plant Victory Gardens by doing one at the White House. Doiron's Eat the View campaign for Kitchen Gardeners International (with 10,000 members) aims to convince Obama that an edible landscape on the White House lawn would be a positive force and a good source of food for WH inhabitants. Doiron is convinced the garden could provide what the White House needs in veggies with some left over to donate to local food pantries. Doiron plans to deliver his petition and packets of heirloom seeds to the White House after Obama's Inauguration.

Doiron also said the 13-person White House garden crew should have no problem tending the Victory Vegetables. Hopefully, Doiron will get together with the two go-getting guys running The White House Organic Farm Project, who are traveling across the country on an old school bus with a rooftop garden to get people engaged in the idea (we do hope they are using biodiesel!).

Oh, and about Change.org's winning idea of legalizing marijuana. We'll take the fifth - though legalizing the growing of cousin crop hemp on U.S. soils would be a clear TH winner.

Via: OnDay1 and Village Soup
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