Solar-Powered Beer at Anderson Valley Brewing Company


The Anderson Valley Brewing Company, a craft brewery in Boonville, California, recently started brewing beer with the help of solar energy it collects. The $860,000 photovoltaic project includes two arrays that generate 125 kWh; they claim this makes it the largest privately-owned PV system north of the San Francisco Bay area (we assume that's limited to the US). The system is expected to generate about 40 percent of the brewers annual energy needs. About the project, a longtime Anderson Valley employee said, "We've got solar powered beer going on here. You can drink it and feel good that you're helping to preserve the environment." We don't need another reason to feel good while drinking beer, but we approve of this project nonetheless. Anderson Valley is available on both coasts, with some limited distribution to Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. ::Anderson Valley Brewing Company via ::Unplugged Living

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