Soccer Moms Can Be Survivalists Too (Video)

"I was a middle-age soccer mom with a pile of kids and a mini-van. I didn't have a retreat, and I didn't own a gun, and I wasn't afraid of people particularly. I didn't expect the mutant zombie bikers to come after me. I just wanted to make sure that no matter what happened, that I could feed my kids. That I could keep them warm, that I'd have water and lights."

Kathy Harrison, author of Just In Case: How to Be Self-Sufficient When the Unexpected Happens, has a refreshing take on survivalist skills and preparing for disasters—whether they be economic meltdown, peak oil, or natural disasters. She isn't heading for the hills; she doesn't suggest we should give up our current way of life; but she argues that we could all do with being a lot more prepared.

It's actually a trend I see all over right now. And it's overwhelmingly positive.

From hunting and eating roadkill through neighborhood sharing libraries to recession-ready living, more and more people are realizing that no way of life is guaranteed, and investing in both your own skills and the health and resilience of your community is not some form of radicalism—it's just common sense.

Soccer Moms Can Be Survivalists Too (Video)
Survivalists are often depicted as bearded paranoid loners living in the hills. One soccer mom suggest we should all be prepared.

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