Snowcamp Aquaponics: DIY Fish Farming with Zero Experience

North CArolina couple experiment with home aquaponics system photo

Couple Document Aquaponics for Complete Beginners
From my video roundup of DIY aquaponics systems to posts on the Growing Power urban farm and Backyard Aquaponics Magazine, the idea that we can produce both high-quality protein and fruits and vegetables in an integrated, mutually beneficial system has certainly caught my interest, and I've been itching to check out a system in real life. So much so in fact that that I was recently enthusing about the potential of aquaponics to a friend, to which he replied "you should talk to my friend Liz". It turns out that Liz and her husband Brian are writing a blog to "to document the trials and tribulations of starting a home aquaponics operation without any prior knowledge or experience of aquaculture or hydroponics." I've yet to make it out to check out their set up (though I'm hoping this post will wangle an invite!), but in the meantime the blog is a great resource on everything from the costs of setting up a pond to the couple's extensive, and ultimately unsuccessful, attempts to get tilapia for the system this year:
"Well, it's been at least a month now since I expected to have tilapia in the pond, and we still don't have any. At least now I know why. The nice folks at Foster Lake and Pond Management get their tilapia from a supplier in southern NC. That guy had an equipment failure this spring and moved his tilapia from the nice, protected shelter of his indoor operation into an outdoor pond on his property. That was great until a hungry otter came in and ate ALL of the fish! Of course, the farmer didn't tell Foster Lake and Pond, but tried to find an alternate supply to meet his delivery. He could not, and that screwed FLP, which, in turn, screws us."

Better luck next year.

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