Smartcycle Offers a Better Alternative to Plastic Packaging


We picked up a salad for lunch from our local market the other day and it came in a plastic container. When we turned it over to see what number it was (#1, thankfully) to recycle it we noticed a company name on the container called Smartcycle. Intrigued by what it was all about, we typed the name into our search engine and visited their website to find out more. The company's concept came from frustration of not seeing enough recycling of plastic soda bottles.

According to their website, "Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour." Because of this they started Smartcycle, in hopes that if they made something useful out of the plastic bottles maybe more of them would be recycled.

Although the company is just starting out, they say that they have a ton of enthusiastic interest from retailers and do expect their business to continue to grow. And lo and behold they are located just five miles away from our home here in Newport, RI! We like how we can download their educational flyer and print it to hand out to our local retailers, suggesting Smartcycle is a better choice when it comes to plastic. P.S., we love your logo, Smartcycle. It's derived from the petal-shaped base found on almost all PET bottles. ::Smartcycle