Slow Fish Event in Genoa

Slow Food Event

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The emerging revival of local food traditions and the connection between the food choices that we make is no less important when it comes to fish choices. Enter Slow Fish, the event is a part of the Slow Food Movement but it focuses its energies on an understanding of sustainable seafood as well as the health of the oceans themselves. This year's Slow Fish event will bring light to these issues along with some serious yummy treats along the way.Slow Fish returns to Genoa, Italy April 17 to 20, organized by Slow Food and the Region of Liguria. Slow Fish is a part of the Slow Food Movement but focused on sustainable fishing and biodiversity in our oceans.

Slow Fish Italy
The event will offer tons of tasting events and educational sessions to show the public how and why their fish choices are so important. The Slow Fish market will feature tons of products of the sea including nutrient dense seaweeds, salts, oils, and spices. You know that you’re getting the best of the best here too because Italian merchants are forbidden from selling products that have any additives or ingredients from fish species threatened by extinction such as red tuna and swordfish. A large component of the event is educating consumers to know how best to exude the qualities of a slow foodie especially with regards to picking the most sustainable fish at the fish market. This year the event will even include a new feature which offers a slow fish expert to accompany guests to the fish market to pick out eco-friendly fish.

Kids are welcomed as well. In fact, they’ll have much to do including taste tests and educational courses geared toward teaching kids early on the importance of picking fish that are both good for them and the environment.

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