Slow Eggs from Native Chicken Get Attention Again

laVinyeta outocton local eggs photo

Image Credit: Lluís Serra Pla

In and around Barcelona slow food and local delicatessen have become quite the thing lately. Projects like the slow food restaurant Fastvínic or the happy pig farm Finca del Saüc are popping up like mushrooms. Via the blog Resseny we came across these local eggs that are a recovering species.

laVinyeta outocton chicken in recovery photo

Photo Credit: LaVinyeta

According to LaVinyeta, an alternative winery in Catalonia, during the Commonwealth of Catalonia, Empordà was a landmark in the local poultry farming, and they performed many shows and competitions. The chicken specie Empordanesa Aperdiuada (image above), peculiar for laying dark stained eggs, became almost extinct during the Civil War. Luckily, one farm in Castelló d'Empúries happened to keep breeding the specie which eventually led to the recovery of this special breed. LaVinyeta, much more than just a winery, currently have a small outdoor coop where the hens live in a privileged environment, among pines and olive trees. By giving the hens an economic value they won't risk to become extinct again.

LaVinyeta, who take their graphic design seriously, have worked with designer Lluís Serra Pla on the design for the packaging of the eggs. The name "Outòcton" is a combination of the word "ou" (egg in Catalan) and "auócton" meaning native. Both the naming and the logo got shortlisted for the 2011 Laus graphic design award. The packaging is a typical egg carton made from recycled and recyclable paper, stamped with the logo which tells the story of the eggs.

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