Singing Cows and Politicians: Fix the Food Chain (Video)

fix the food chain photo

Image: Fix the Food Chain

The carbon footprint of soy beans has long been a point of discussion, with cattle pastures and soy (for animal feed) creating deforestation on an enormous scale. Friends of the Earth UK are the latest in the long line of activist organizations speaking out for change. Or rather - singing out. And they have the help of both bovine and political vocalists...FOE UK is calling on supporters to email their politicians, asking them to Fix the Food Chain, cutting back on energy intensive soy imports in favor of localized and grassfed feeding operations. The video below is just a first step - it's going to be followed by Livestock: Barnstorming Comedy of the Rarest Breed - a gathering of famous comedians pushing for changes in the way we feed ourselves (November 12th in London). Should have them rolling in the aisles, or rolling in the hay. Though I guess that takes on a whole different connotation...

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