Simple Coffee: "Better Trade" and Honest Organic Values


Founded by three 23 year-old entrepreneurs, Simple Coffee is based on the principles of "better trade and honestly organic values." They believe that some of the best coffee in the world is grown by small growers in third world countries who need the help of organizations like Fair Trade, but Fair Trade isn't for everyone. For those farmers who can't meet the volume demands set by some merchants who offer Fair Trade deals, Simple Coffee has developed what they refer to as "Better Trade," a system that pays small farmers more than the Fair Trade price per pound on coffee, simply because it's the right thing to do. They feature eleven blends of coffee from around the globe, from Sumatra to Costa Rica and Papua New Guinea to the mountains of Nicaragua, including one decaf and one that is shipped "green" -- unroasted -- for the consumer to roast themselves. Some of it is shade-grown and it's all "honestly organic," meaning they have "honest handshake agreements" with their farmers; Simple Coffee can't officially certify it, but it comes from farms small enough that the farmers use the same land to grow their own food, and they don't feed pesticides to their families. A 12 oz. bag goes for US $10, either whole bean or ground. ::Simple Coffee via ::Product Dose