SIGG Introduces New EcoCare Liner

SIGG Ecological photo

Photo credit: SIGG
SIGG, the Swiss maker of those now-ubiquitous (and oh so au courant) aluminum and stainless-steel reusable bottles, has just announced a new coating technology for the inside of their stylish wares.

Dubbed the EcoCare Liner, the new manufacturing process, as described by SIGG CEO Steve Wasik in a press release, is "not only a technological advance, it's a major step forward in our journey towards sustainability."

According to the company, the bake-on, polymer-powder-coating technology ensures practically zero waste and uses no organic solvents. Coming in at 40 microns thick, the new liner has also been tested and certified to be bisphenol-A- and phthalate-free. And, like SIGG's previous liner, this new incarnation is touted for its lack of taste or odor transfer and its leach-free durability.

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SIGG Introduces New EcoCare Liner
Dubbed the EcoCare Liner, the new

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