Should You Trust an iPhone App That Says to Skip Buying Organic?

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Soleil Organics has put out a new iPhone app that tells you when you should dole out the extra dollars for organic foods, and when to skip it and go for the cheaper stuff. When it comes to buying organic, even if you can see a reason skip it, should you?There are (at least) two sides to this debate.

On the one hand, you're voting with your dollars when you buy organic items, which means every time you spend a little more in stores for the organic option, you're telling farmers and manufacturers that you're only going to buy what is raised naturally and healthfully. Additionally, organic is about more than just the product you're buying - it's about sustainable agricultural practices. From fertilizers to pesticides, to the types of seeds and feed used, to the packaging and shipping, farming is a major contributor to global warming and going organic (and local) helps mitigate its impact.

But on the other hand, there is the issue with excessive organic labeling...sometimes when it says "organic" it isn't necessarily as pure as you might think. An app like this could help you sort through the BS labeling and know when it's most important to buy organic, and when you can reasonably pass over it entirely. This app might only be useful to those of us who shop in super markets where this kind of misleading labeling is most prevalent. If you're wary about just how honest an "organic" label is, and you're strapped on your food budget, then this app could be a welcome help.

It's often a tough call when you're at the market for whether or not you want to budget extra funds to add only organic into your shopping cart. The app gives only the most basic information, though, and without a lot of details it can still be difficult to make a decision. Then again, you don't want to read through a scientific article at each produce bin. This app could help you make some quick decisions when you need extra input. Having a guide on your phone for healthy shopping can be a big bonus, as GoodGuide's app has proven for everything from paper products to soaps.

However, if you have the option, skip the app and the headache and shop at your farmer's market where you can talk directly with the growers. (If you must have an app, then the Locavore app could be great for this kind of shopping...) You can often save money with less expensive food finds, and support the kind of local, sustainable farming practices that go farthest for fighting global climate change while still giving you a healthful, satisfying meal.

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