Shocking Video Shows Dairy Calves Bludgeoned with Pick Axe (Video)

killing calves with pick axe photo

Image credit: Mercy for Animals

As Tom Philpott points out over at Grist, it's a bizarre world when activists filming factory farms may be branded terrorists, yet gigantic meat and dairy corporations continue to allow horrific acts of cruelty to go unchecked. From chickens confined to tiny cages to some shocking photos of organic egg farms, there's plenty of evidence already out there in the blogosphere on the cruelty of industrial, animal agriculture. But the following video from Mercy for Animals of dairy calves being beaten to death with a pick axe is about as disgusting as it gets.

WARNING: The video content below is truly disturbing.

As Tom also notes in his ever-excellent Meat Wagon expose of the meat and dairy industry, those of us who do eat dairy and meat cannot assuage our consciences by assuming this is a freak occurrence. Mercy For Animals does not, we are told, place activists onto farms based on tip offs or prior information about abuse, but rather places them anywhere and everywhere it can.

I may not have been 100% convinced by the viability of a vegan world, but this has me wanting to take a long hard look at any dairy products that happen to be in my fridge. Think you're an ethical eater? Time to try harder.

Oh, and in case this doesn't make you mad already, Grist has also been busy exposing how Monsanto money is behind the attempts to stifle factory farm whistleblowers.

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