Shocking Dairy Calf Cruelty Footage Leads to Multiple Warrants (Video)

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Image credit: Mercy for Animals

Remember the shocking footage of dairy calves being bludgeoned to death, stood on, and abused? Remember the subsequent outcry when YouTube and Vimeo removed these videos from their sites? At the time many commenters called for the perpetrators to be punished. Now it looks like that's going to happen. Whether the punishment fits the crime, however, is going to be a fiercely debated topic.

Warning: A version of the video is again available via YouTube. I have included it in the post below because it is important to understand the kind of cruelty we are talking about. But it makes for deeply disturbing viewing.While many people seemed skeptical that the perpetrators of the shocking abuses would be brought to justice, it's testament both to the work of Mercy for Animals' and Castro County District Attorney and Sheriff's Office that warrants have now been issued for five individuals with felonies and two with misdemeanors.

With footage showing calves beaten to death with pick-axes and hammers; some beaten calves being left to die; others being stamped on, kicked and suffocated—it shouldn't be so surprising that charges are being brought. Five former employees face charges of Cruelty to Livestock/Animals, a state jail felony, while the owner and foreman are facing charges of a Class A Misdemeanor—punishable by a maximum fine of just $4,000 or one year in jail.

With Minnesota trying to make undercover filming of factory farms illegal, I wonder what kind of sentence you'd get for shooting this stuff...

Warning: Here's that footage once again, but do not watch this unless you are prepared to feel sick to your stomach.

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