SF Restaurant Offers Discount if You 'Convert a Carnivore'

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First it was "Meatless Mondays" then "Weekend Vegetarians," "giving up meat for Lent" and now Graham Hill is even asking us to give up meat 5 days a week to have a better impact at lowering your carbon footprint. One San Francisco restaurant is getting in on the act by offering 25% off of your bill if you bring a carnivore in on the second Wednesday of every month, aka Convert a Carnivore Day.Millennium Restaurant, located in Hotel California, focuses on providing seasonal, sustainable, fresh, organic vegetarian food is used as much as possible. Genetically modified foods are never offered, and animal-fat products and oils aren't used either. Since the menu is always changing like the seasons, you can rely on a few old favorites but Chef Eric Tucker and his team will give your palette a surprise every time you visit. Composting, recycling, supporting local, small agriculture are all part of the program. They figure, that not only are they practicing what they preach, but they're willing to bet that even a carnivore will be hard pressed to say that they still want meat, after having a meal at Millennium. Or at the minimum, they will be hard pressed not to come back after trying out Millennium.

The restaurant also offers private dining rooms for groups of up to 60 people, perfect for your holiday office party. They have a selection of organic wines and organic spirits, to help top off your organic meal. Pastry Chef Anne Baptiste can create the perfect vegan cake to go with any event you have planned. Need a more organized event? The Millennium also offers specially prepared menus fo Aphrodisiac Nights, cooking classes, and more. The Bay Insider describes Millennium as, "one restaurant where you can stuff yourself and afterward, still feel frisky." Well, thats something.

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