SF Green Festival 09 - Kijiji Creates Cool Aquaponics Systems For Kids

kijiji aquaponics photo

Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

Aquaponics has been a hot topic on TreeHugger of late. Whether you find it the coolest thing to hit urban gardening, or cruelty to fish, aquaponics are gaining popularity. Kijiji Grows demonstrated their aquaponics system at San Francisco Green Festival this weekend, and it looks like a great addition to the market of aquaponics systems available. The system is similar to others we've seen, such as Farm In A Box, and the sizes can vary from a system perfect for a class room, to one that needs to set up residence outdoors.

Kijiji Grows places a priority on educating kids about gardening. They've started a pilot program that donates aquaponic systems to schools. Kids learn about how ecosystems work, as well as growing edibles. The program includes creating a custom system for a school, and a teach training program.

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