Seven American Foods with Regional Availablilty

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One of the gentle ironies of the American Cultural Situation is the widespread availability of a limited amount of foodstuffs. Pick up any diner menu between the shining seas and it will have identical offerings; omelets, burgers, Reubens, chicken fingers. While there may be some comfort in the realization that we have all agreed to a National Palette, isn't it better to hunger for that only-locally-available edible which binds us culturally together, via food and place? Here are seven of these dishes which are only available regionally.Here are seven delicious regional foods:

Beef on Weck (Western New York)
Also known as a Kummelweck, it's a salty (often somewhat stale) roll with roast beef and horseradish that is eaten as a sandwich. Along with buffalo style chicken wings, beef on weck is one of the two most distinctive dishes of the region, and the one that didn't go national.

Beef on Weck

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Cherry Bounce (Arkansas)
Cherry Bounce consists of bourbon infused with cherries and sugar. The basic steps involve mashing up the cherries with a blunt instrument, mixing with the booze, and waiting a few weeks. Strain and drink!

Hoppel Poppel (Wisconsin)
Hoppel Poppel is fun to say and is popular in the Midwest all around the Great Lakes. Basically a "scramble", it's a hodge podge of eggs with cheese, Salami (or other meat) and veggies; there are many sub-local variations.

Korean Tacos (California)
It's Mexican, it's Korean, it's organic, it's California, it's farmer's market, it's drunk people after midnight. Invented by Kogi BBQ founder Mark Manguera, the Korean taco caters to post-clubbers in Hollywood who are dying to eat Korean food at 3 in the morning.

Korean tacos

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Persimmon pudding (Indiana)
Persimmon Pudding is similar to tradtional English dessert puddings such as Christmas pudding or quince pudding. This style of pudding is generally either steamed or cooked in an oven with a water bath to ensure the pudding remains moist and does not dry out or form a crust. Often served warm with ice cream, whipped cream, apple sauce, or hard sauce, persimmon pudding benefits from aging as the individual flavors mellow and blend together.

Perloo (South Carolina)
A One pot rice dish from the Lowcountry of South Carolina, perloo is a cousin of jambalaya that has origins in the Middle Eastern dishes known as pilafs. Like other rice-based specialties, perloo can be made with a wide range of ingredients; some country ham and shrimp is usually part of the mix.

Sour Milk Doughnuts (Vermont)
A delicious cousin to the 'sweet milk' variety, sour milk doughnuts take some time to prepare but are well worth it!

sour milk doughnuts

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