Sellers Markets: Sustainable Fast Food Works


It's a rare day that we're excited about fast food trends.

Last fall we celebrated Sellers Markets, the quick artisnal eatery giving San Francisco's Financial District toilers a whole new way to eat between meetings. Dishes made from award-winning purveyors such as Niman Ranch, Cowgirl Creamery and Boulangerie Bay Breads have proven so popular that a second location will open in October, a few blocks away at Market and Second Streets.

"Our mission is great taste and the best tasting foods are grown, raised and produced by local artisans who practice sustainable agriculture," says Deb Sellers, who co-founded the Markets with her husband Jim. "Our quality and value prices are also fueling the demand for a second location. Merging the growing artisan food revolution with the booming fast-casual restaurant sector makes sense in food-savvy San Francisco." Whether you're a local or a visitor, stop in for Artisan Egg "A" Muffins, BBQ Chicken Salad, Niman Ranch Pulled Pork Sandwich, Tomato Bisque, handmade pizzas and sandwiches fired in an Earthstone pizza oven; and homemade sweets by Pastry Chef Joana Bautista. The second location will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner with takeout service always available. Local artisan wines and beers will be offered by the glass.

Like their flagship eatery, the Second Street design incorporates reclaimed barn wood, antiques and other recyclables. "We walk the talk and use sustainable resources wherever possible," says Jim Sellers.

Deb and Jim 's plan to expand the Sellers Markets concept locally, regionally, then nationally seems on track. They intend to carry through the themes of local purveyors, local menu specialties and local design features at each new location. By 2010, they envision 15 Sellers Markets throughout northern California. Yum!

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