Seafood Choices Alliance- Sustainable Seafood Database

Seafood Choices Alliance (SCA) is revolutionizing the way we think about seafood. With a global outlook, and rather lofty goals, the alliance is well on the way to creating a sustainable system and community of people dedicated to providing fresh seafood. The highlight of the website is their SeaSense Database. The user friendly interactive web-database lists 29 of the most common items found in restaurants and stores here in the U.S. and links up with renowned institutes (Environmental Defense-Oceans Alive, Blue Ocean Institute, and Monterey Bay Aquarium) to provide a comprehensive view of the seafood industry. Seafood Choices Alliance is also aiming to involve everyone in protecting our natural seafood resources, and offer another database which lists those businesses and restaurants in the US that have subscribed to their alliance. Now, if you can't lug your laptop everywhere you go, the Audubon Society has produced a nice lightweight (downloadable) wallet card with listings of "Enjoy, Be Careful, and Avoid" for a larger number of fish. And don't despair if you're not from the U.S., Canadians are already in on the subscriber action at SCA, and I'm hoping to see more countries involved with the organization in the future. ::SCA [by T. McGee]