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A while back, I interviewed brothers Jeremy and Ryan Black, founders of Sambazon on Planet Green. A few weeks ago I got to meet the duo behind the delicious acai drink, in person, over a cup of coffee in NYC's Waverly Diner. The Cali-cool entrepreneurs were so refreshingly un-New York in that same youthful, business-as-unusual way that our very own Graham Hill exudes. They showed up in hip, casual clothes, sporting sun-kissed glows and complete with giant, genuine smiles.

As an acai junky, I was psyched to hear about their thoughts on the media's misgivings of the superfood and new things up Sambazon's sleeve-- including their current Warrior of Change contest.Acai's Bad Rep
You've probably heard acai touted as a fat burning miracle cure in cheesy TV infomercials and ads. All it takes is a little discrimination to know a magic little pill doesn't provide long lasting solutions. You likely haven't bought into this. (Please tell me you haven't, dear reader!) This has, of course, tarnished acai's deservedly good reputation.

Sambazon's Real Deal
What's more, there are several acai drinks being sold containing little to no health benefits despite the companies' claims. Jeremy and Ryan took their time explaining that since acai is very new to the market, it's less regulated than a beverage like orange juice. Acai companies are able to get away calling their product acai, even if it's comprised of mostly other fruit juices and then splashed with acai. 100% shadiness.

If we're going to dish out a little more money on something that will benefit our health, we deserve to know what's in it including if we're receiving the superfood's nutritional goodness like rich levels of antioxidants and omegas. That's where Sambazon's Real Deal acai campaign comes in, which benchmarks the levels of acai berries found in some of the more popular acai brands on the market. A very handy consumer tool.

Warrior Up!
If the energy provided by the little purple berry has you all amped up to follow Jeremy and Ryan's lead as positive leaders for change, click over to their Warrior of Change contest. Until November 30, 2010, they're accepting nominations from folks with a social or environmental project that can use a little funding -- $10,000 worth!

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