Scientists Create Fish With 6-Pack Abs to Help Fishing Industry


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I was at dinner the other day, and a friend of mine had ordered the salmon. When the dish came to our table, I stared at the limp pink mound. Fish are simply too wimpy, I thought, shaking my head in disgust. And here I am, just two days later--embracing the news that fish with six-pack abs have been created by scientists to help stabilize the aquaculture industry. So if you've ever thought to yourself, "If I'm going to eat fish, it'd better be ripped," then today's your lucky day. Seriously, though--scientists have indeed developed a fish that grows more muscle mass while eating the same amount of food. This will increase the amount of edible 'meat' each fish yields, meaning fewer fishes have to be farmed to meet demand.

Mother Nature Network describes the beastly fish:

The trout are bizarrely muscular, with rippling abdomens that resemble six-pack abs and dorsal humps that give the impression of bulked-up shoulders. But these bodybuilder fish didn't just develop that way on their own; a University of Rhode Island scientist spent 10 years genetically engineering them for increased muscle mass
Mmmm. Anyone else hungry?

The scientist responsible for muscle man fish told Science Daily that the results of his work "have significant implications for commercial aquaculture and provide completely novel information on the mechanisms of fish growth. The results also allow for comparisons between the mechanisms of growth of muscle in mammals versus fish, and it could shed light on muscle wasting diseases in humans." Bonus!

So it looks like one small step for muscly fish, and one giant leap for the aquaculture industry and human health studies. Of course, those mutant muscle fish better be kept well-contained, lest they find their way into the wild and literally bully foreign ecosystems like the Asian Carp has done in the Great Lakes.

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