School Meals Can Rock! Does Yours?


Truman School Green River (WY) Classroom Tasting Party Image via Meals That Rock!

School lunch programs are often criticized for their lack of nutrition. But now, just as Jamie Oliver joins the North American food revolution with his U.S. television debut, and Michelle Obama launches her Let's Move program it looks like school nutrition is being put on the front burner again. (As fellow TreeHugger Sara so aptly puts it.)

If your school serves food that makes you proud keep reading to learn how to share your story. From her blog, Nutrition for the Future, American Dietetic Association and School Nutrition Association member Dayle Hayes has launched the Meals That Rock! campaign, to highlight what is right with school nutrition programs. She explains:

The goal of collecting School Meals That Rock is simple. I want to showcase all the AMAZING things that school nutrition folks are doing from Maine to Montana and Michigan to Mississippi. I know that millions of delicious, nutritious, local, fresh, kids-friendly meals are being served every day across America - and I want to collect the photos that tell this story.

In an earlier post Hayes explains a few reasons why she thinks all the negative attention school nutrition programs is harmful to kids.

* Child nutrition programs in every state have created food revolutions in their kitchens and cafeterias - against all odds (minimal budgets, little district support, constant bashing by the media).
* School meals matter the most to kids who have the least. For millions of at-risk children, school breakfast and lunch are the most nutritious foods they get all week - providing essential fuel for success at school.
* Focusing on the worst-case scenarios for entertainment value makes everyone suspicious of their meals in their local school.

Hayes is aiming to receive 250 entries, including photos, of healthy school meals by the end of the 2010 school year. If you have a story to share visit Nutrition for the Future or the School Meals That Rock Facebook fan page for details.

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