School Lunches May Be Making Children Fatter

grist school lunch fat photo

Image credit: Good

Children who eat the food served in school cafeterias, a new study has found, are more likely to be overweight or obese than their peers who bring food from home. While the study did not look at the nutritional content of school food, it does show, the authors say, the importance of educating children in healthy eating habits.Grist writes:

Specifically, 38.8 percent of students who routinely eat school lunch were found to be overweight or obese, compared to 24.4 percent of kids who brought their own food from home. The children consuming school food were twice as likely to drink sodas, and a measly 16.3 percent reported eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, compared to 91.2 percent of the kids who got homemade food.

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