Saving the Environment, One Pizza Box at a Time

Pizza boxes are the scourge of recycling--they are big, unwieldy, and take up too much space in the fridge and in the garbage.

But an answer is at hand: the Environmentally Conscious Organization Inc. has created its first batch of 'Green Boxes'. The box is made from 100% recycled materials and has an ingenious design.

pizza box photo

Images from ecoincorporated

It's a new take on an old box. Thanks to some cleverly placed perforations, the lid breaks down and turns into serving plates.

in the fridge photo.jpg

The body of the box is then smaller and turns into a more compact storage container which takes up much less space in the fridge. The top "snaps" into the side of the box which means you don't need to wrap the left-over pizza in aluminum foil to keep it fresh. And the box takes up less space in the recycling box.

The company's motto: saving the environment, one pizza box at a time. environmentally conscious organization, inc. Via : Hippyshopper

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