Sandcastle: World's Most Remote Organic Restaurant?


Unfortunately the non-existent TreeHugger budget does run to paying the carbon credits required to fly me the 930 km (~575 miles) to Fremantle, south of Perth, to sample the delights of this restaurant. So we'll have to take their word for it, that it's all yummy. They suggest that, "the Sandcastle is one of only a handful of restaurants in Australia who have decided to focus on organic ingredients." And then go on to say, "We match organic beer, wine and spirit to cuisine of excellent quality and presentation. Our focus extends to organic producers worldwide, but we endeavour to support local and boutique products in Western Australia. We have undertaken this organic specialisation as a result of our commitment to the pursuit of increased quality in all that we consume, and that which we offer to our customers and friends." You could, for example, begin with a starter like: smoked tofu, roasted almond and hot mustard purée, olive oil crust, beetroot relish. This might whet the palette for a main meal of baked zucchini and gorgonzola, garlic butter beans and lemon fava beans, cayenne buerre blanc. The latter happens to be vegetarian, but from the current menu they also offer organic beef, free range chicken, and ocean trout, (though no eco-credentials are noted for the fish.) Your tum might then find room for a jamaican ginger pudding in butterscotch sauce. All accompanied, of course, by a wide selection of organic and biodynamic wines and liquors. Maybe I can skateboard over just to test it out to be sure everything is up to scratch. ::The Sandcastle* :Extreme points of the world - Wikipedia.

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