Samuel Smith's Organic Ale and Lager


Samuel Smith makes tasty beers. That's just a fact. But I was pleased to find that ole' Sammy makes two organic beers. In keeping with recent TH coverage of brewers doing positive stuff, we can add Samuel Smith to our growing list of organic beers, which includes St. Peter's and Wychwood Brewery's Scarecrow Ale. Sammy Smith's USDA certified ale and lager both come in the generous 18 oz bottles, and are works of beer artisanship, to be sure. Mr. Smith suggests serving the lager as "as an aperitif, or with Quiche Lorraine, Crab Louis, poached salmon, or grilled halibut," and the ale goes best with "dungenous crab salad, free range herbed chicken, hummus, smoked salmon and masala." Clearly excellent suggestions. I found my OG Sammy Smiths at Trader Joe's. Can't wait to try them out. But not until I whip up a nice big bowl of "dungenous crab salad." Must be one of those delicious British things. :: Merchant du Vin