Russian River Wine Fests Become Water Teetotalers

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How many plastic water bottles would you think are disposed of at wine festivals? Couple thousand? (Event that seems like a ton of plastic for just one event). Well, three events - the Winter Wineland, Barrel Tasting, and A Wine and Food Affair - (incorporating almost 150 wineries in the Russian River in California) accumulate over 100,000 plastic water bottles and over 80,000 paper invites. Yuck! Well, starting with A Wine and Food Affair this November, that number will be reduced to zero!

How are they getting rid of the plastic bottles you may ask? Well, each attendee will be given a refillable wine glass as part of their admission and there will be large, refillable containers with water throughout the event for all guests. Each of these large jugs will be returned to Calistoga water at the end of the event to be reused at future events.

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How are they getting rid of all of that paper? Well, advertising will be done online and other "electronic" media sources instead of mailing out flyers this year. In addition, tickets purchased ahead of time will not be mailed out, but rather attendees can order online. All event programs can be viewed online and printed out, if so desired.

But that's not all. Many of the wineries already incorporate environmentally-preferable practices like organics, biodynamics, dry-farming or using solar electricity. Over 50 of the wineries are members of the Sonoma County Green Business Certification for incorporating practices like resource conservation, pollution prevention and waste reduction. In addition, several of the wineries are also second-level Bay Area Green Business program members.

The Russian River Wine Road is a collection of almost 150 wineries in the wine country area just northeast of San Francisco. More information on tours, events, lodging and wine-tasting throughout the area can be found online.

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