Rotating Chickens, Rabbits and Rye in the Garden (Video)

chicken rabbit rotation photo

Image credit: MushroomPatch

The other day I posted video of one innovative Aussie gardener who had created a clever chicken tunnel system to fertilize his garden. It got me thinking about other ways that backyard gardeners might integrate domesticated animals with their crops. And that lead me to footage of one permaculturist that appears to be rotating chickens, rabbits and rye in an effort to create a self-sustaining system.

Of course with cages that size, it's hard to imagine that a rye-only diet is even possible for these bunnies—but it is an interesting example of how multiple elements in a garden can be mutually beneficial. And as for what those bunnies are doing in the picture in the first place, something tells me they are not mere pets. With homegrown rabbit being the latest trend in urban farming, these guys are likely to be as much a part of the menu as the raspberries and eggs.

Whether or not that is an "ethical" source of meat will depend on your perspective. Those cages look pretty darned small to me.

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