Root Liqeur: Pre-Prohibition Recipe Revived (Video)

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Image credit: Art-in-the-Age

This one is coming to you just in time for the weekend. Jeff already explored four brands of organic booze to get the summer started, but now that we are slowly approaching Fall it might be time to find something a little more warming. That's where Philadelphia's Art-in-the-Age comes in, reviving an age-old pre-prohibition American recipe for the modern age - and they are doing it organically, or course. Think root beer, but with full flavor and a full 80% proof. This could be fun. (Click below the fold for a video introducing the history of ROOT.)The history of Art-in-the-Age's ROOT can actually be traced back to the 1700s when colonists were introduced to the Root Tea that Native Americans would drink as an herbal remedy. Over time, the settlers would increase the potency of the drink - eventually resulting in a fully fledged liquor.

But the temperance movement came along and changed all of that - shutting down bars and saloons, and apparently offering up non-alcoholic root 'beer' as an alternative. The rest, as Art-in-the-Age say, is "flacid history." But ROOT is designed to revive this flavorful American tradition - returning, as far as possible, to the original recipes for root tea (although the FDA banned use of sassafras in the Sixties). Currently distilled from certified organic grains, Art-in-the-Age eventually hopes to produce ROOT from grains grown at the AIA historic farmstead near Philadelphia.

Cheers! And for more green drinking - check out Kelly's guide on How to Green Your Cocktails.

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