Richard Branson Opens Farm to Fork Eco-Resort in NJ

Sir Richard Branson Rides Tractor at Opening of Ninety Acres Culinary School Natirar

Image via: Ninety Acres Culinary School

Richard Branson, known for supporting all types of wild and high profile schemes (renewable energy, carbon capture, alternative fuels for Virgin Airlines and even eco-resorts on his famous islands), now he's into something a little more mellow: funding a Farm to Fork project/eco-resort.The Farm at Natirar is a "farm-to-cooking-school-to-table resort enterprise located on a 100 year old estate in New Jersey. The school will be held in a building on the property known as the Carriage House, built in 1912. Students from both Sterling College and Rutgers University will be involved in working on the property to build a local, sustainable agricultural program, tied in with a resort-style restaurant open to the public.

The cooking school includes a working farm complete with livestock and gardens and is currently run by two Sterling College graduates. Students at Sterling College currently produce about twenty-five percent of the food that is eaten on campus, so it is a natural fit for their graduates to then become involved in a Farm to Fork program. For the opening ceremony event, Sir Richard Branson was on hand to kick-off the event. Besides riding tractors, Branson is the recent owner of the property (named after an area town - Raritan, NJ - spelled backwards) and was looking to create an eco-resort in the area. Hey, he's already conquered South Africa, Morocco, and Necker Island.

The Ninety-Acres Culinary Center is located at 2 Main Street, Peapack-Gladstone, NJ and will open for dinner, Sunday brunches and seasonal lunches. Natirar will soon launch "a hotel, spa and fitness center, function center, guest cottages, an outdoor swimming pool and cabanas, and a lawn sports pavilion." :Natirar :The Spa at Natirar
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