Rich Hippie Perfume

Prior to World War II, the perfume industry used only natural methods and oils to craft divine fragrances. But due to the revolution in the chemical industry, it became dirt cheap--and dirty--to produce pleasant scents. Now that we know that the chemicals and petro-products in the unnatural making of perfumes are bad for our own health and that of Mama Earth, the apparently rich hippies behind Rich Hippie have reverted to traditional methods, making small batches of perfumes with only organic ingredients... In flavors like Rock Star, Maharishi, and Psychadelic, you're bound to feel as profound as the scent you wisely choose. Though Kalachakra will set you back $1,300 for two ouches--uh, we mean ounces--($525 for a half ounce), most of the scents run aboout $75-$85 for a half ounce and $165-$185 for 2 ounces. (Samples are available for around $12.) Don't get us wrong though, these guys have the full TH seal of approval. For guys and gals. ::Rich Hippie [by MO]