Restaurant Offers Lion Burgers. They're Grrrrross!

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In an odd attempt to somehow celebrate the World Cup, a restaurant in Arizona has added one of Africa's most noble creatures to the menu by offering a hamburger made from real lion meat. As you might expect, serving the king of the jungle as a burger has elicited strong reactions from the public, but the restaurant owner insists it's no big deal to chow down on the big cats because they were farm-raised.Since adding lion burgers to the menu, the restaurant 'Il Vinaio' has received a number of bomb threats, not to mention hundreds of angry emails from folks who think the new menu offering is gross. But in hopes of quelling the backlash from his odd culinary option, restaurateur Cameron Selogie has been reminding people that the lion burgers are being served to celebrate the World Cup, and that animals aren't being snatched from the Serengeti to make them.

The restaurant owner told Reuters:

We thought that since the World Cup was in Africa ...that the lion burger might be interesting for some of our more adventurous customers.

Most of them, when we tell them the facts, that this is farm raised and it doesn't hurt the endangered animals, seem pretty reasonable.

That explanation is likely not going to satisfactory to many who have a fundamental problem with eating lion. The lions used to make the burgers came from a USDA regulated farm in Illinois, where the big cats are raised free-range.

On the menu, the burgers, which includes chips and a side of corn, will set you back $21. The sickening fact that you just ate one of nature's most noble creatures and washed it down with a Diet Coke? Well, that's priceless.

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