Restaurant of the Week: White Dog Café, Philadelphia, PA

Located in the "university" section of Philadelphia in three adjacent Victorian brownstones, the White Dog Café "pleases palates while raising consciousness." Everything from the grill menu to the brunch menu sounds delicious and they have a children's menu too. Not only is their food organic and sustainable but their mission is a four-fold: serving customers, serving the community, serving the earth and serving each other. The cuisine is contemporary American, although it also incorporates influences such as Native American and Southeast Asian. Judy Wicks, Owner and Founder of the Café, also started a non-profit organization called the White Dog Café Foundation. Their mission is to create, strengthen and connect locally owned Philadelphia businesses and farms that are committed to working together with natural resources, committed to providing meaningful and fair wage jobs and supporting a healthy community. The Foundation currently has two programs that they operate: Fair Food and the Sustainable Business Network. The Café itself is powered 100% by the wind and they carefully prepare food so as to reduce waste. Scraps are given to local pig farmers and excess food is given to Philabundance, a local group that distributes food to those in need. All employees are encouraged to join the White Dog Café Green Team, an employee organized group working to serve the earth. Their website is a great place to explore and we love the tagline "Bone Appetit!" ::The White Dog Café