Restaurant of the Week: Native Foods, Southern California

With four locations in Southern California, Native Foods is an organic, vegan restaurant. We’re told from our tipster, Jon, that they have delicious food and that it’s one restaurant you don’t want to miss. Native Foods has incorporated their experiences in food service, travel and healthy cooking to offer foods with ethnic fusion of bright colors, rich flavors, and delicious textures. The menu is very unique in that they have incorporated alternative tasty textures, which include tempeh and seitan. One other cool thing about Native Foods is that not only is everything 100% vegan, but they even use a lot of green goods, like cutlery and corn plastic mugs. On their website you'll find yummy recipes in addition to a cookbook written by the owner, Tanya Petrovna. She also holds cooking classes at the different restaurants in case you want to learn a few tips from her. ::Native Foods