Responsible Titrayju Mate from Argentina

I owe this finding to my sister: a true mate freak. Titrayju is a yerba made by (Argentinean province) Misiones' farmers, and sold directly to the public, avoiding big corporations to take their earnings away. For those of you not aware, yerba is used to make a beverage called mate, very popular here in Argentina, and also in neighboring countries Uruguay, Paraguay and even Brazil. Yerba production in Argentina is almost an oligopoly of four enterprises which concentrate 80% of all that's made and sold in the country. Small farmers don't own the machinery to get through the process and have to sell their harvest to big producers. Titrayju, which means Tierra, Trabajo y Justicia (Land, Work and Justice) is made by a cooperative of native farmers called Rio ParanĂ¡. :: Email them here. [by Paula Alvarado, from Buenos Aires]